• Translation of contracts from Japanese or Spanish to English;
  • Translation of court proceedings, including high profile cases involving multinational corporations and NGOs;
  • Translation of negotiations for the completion of peace treaties or trade related treaties;
  • Translation of Anti-trust related documentation relating to price or market collusion of Japanese or Spanish companies;
  • Translation of Adverse Event reports relating to pre- or post-launch drugs, as well as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) related documentation for drugs already on the market;
  • In the event of recall of automobiles to fix model-wide or fleet-wide defects which affect safety, issues may arise as to whether the defect was previously identified and may involved legal processes of discovery which need translation to English;
  • Translation and verifying expense reports of foreign based employees or country managers to detect fraud in the context of ‘Termination-with-cause’;
  • Expert witness for when testimony is required in court or arbitration proceedings.


Mike O’Keeffe has translated contracts and legal documents since 1982, such as shipping and real estate related disputes, high-tech M&A related Due Diligence documentation when a European or American corporation is acquiring a Japanese company or investing in it. Likewise, Mike has translated large volumes of drug related documentation over the years where there is suspicion of cover-up of side effects or sloppy GMP. Mike has also worked multiple automotive recall related cases in the last 10 years.

Given that clients employ computer assisted translation in many cases, translation of complex captioned graphics and handwritten or annotated scanned documents, preserving Bates numbers, is also available.

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