Market Entry and

Risk Management Consulting


  • Surveys of the state of the art for particular technologies or services in Japan or Spain;
  • Translation of local standards in Japan or Spain for particular products or services;
  • Interpreting and presence at initial meetings with a view to overcoming cultural and perception differences;
  • Joining on factory tours/visits and interpreting at meetings.


Mike was charged with the start-up in Japan of the Thomson Scientific subsidiary there and expanded the scale to 22 employees and $22 million revenues.

Mike has assisted in talent identification, vetting and talent acquisition, as well as replacement of key-man positions when things go wrong;

Mike has provided background and coached delegations such as the AIPLA in Japan and China, and has had his briefing materials published in International and local journals and AmCham publications;

Mike has participated in searches for joint venture partners and targets for acquisition and sat on the boards of the resultant entities, providing local know-how and linguistic and cultural guidance.

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